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Welcome to our site. The aim of this site is to provide a meeting place for 125 Vara owners plus a source of information about repairs, performance, upgrades or just simply general advice.

How long have you been searching for specific parts for your 125 Varadero? How long have you been looking for performance upgrades? Who can you ask for advice about your 125 Varadero? Do you want to eye up some accessories for your bike?

Here are some answers!!! We will be providing links to all accessories linked with the 125 Varadero, along with pricing information, contact information and anything else you may require. We will also be creating specific sections for each area, (e.g. engine, plastics, performance), in the near future.

It is also our intention that should you need advice, then who better to ask but 125 Varadero riders themselves.

**NEWS**-- Exclusive 125 varadero music performed and recorded by 'The Ride.' See 'Vara Shop' for more information. Or CLICK HERE to find out more.**




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